language level .com اختبار تحديد المستوى

language level .com اختبار تحديد المستوى
language level .com اختبار تحديد المستوى

يفترض هذا الاختبار المستوى المتوسط ​​إلى المتقدم ويتخطى الأسئلة السهلة. إذا كنت تعرف بالتأكيد أنك قد أنجزت ما يكفي لتكون على هذا المستوى ؛ هذا الاختبار لك. يضم هذا الاختبار أكثر من 40 سؤالاً في قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية. لذا ، اقرأ كل واحد منهم بعناية شديدة ، وأجب بشكل صحيح لتصل إلى نتيجة 100٪. أتمنى لك كل خير!

Questions and Answers

1. Enter the word in brackets in the correct form The river_____________ (flow) very quickly today, much faster than usual.

2. ask a question using the word in brackets. Write the full question, and don’t forget the question mark. You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. You ask: (wait/ long) Have ________________________________

3. Put the verb in the correct form I learned English in school, but I _________________ most of it. (forget)

4. Q. Why are you filling that bucket with water?     A. ____________________ the car (I / wash)

5. Call me after eight o’clock, we ____________________ dinner by then. (finish)

6. Complete using can, could, or (be) able to in the correct tense. They didn’t want to come with us at first, but we ___________________ persuade them.

7. “you really must stay a little longer”, she said to me.                 She insisted that I ________________________

8. Use the information to write a new sentence expressing regret about the form of transportation you took. Write the entire sentence incliding the “quicker if” part.  I took a taxi to the hotel, but the traffic was bad and it took a really long time. _______________ (it/be) quicker if _______________ (I/walk)

9. Somebody says something that is the opposite of what they said earlier.                 A. Kristen is coming to the party tonight                 B. Is she? I thought you said she __________________________

A. Could come?

B. Was going to come?

C. Wasn’t going to come?

D. Would be able to come?

10. make a new sentence from the question. Don’t add in any extra words. Keep it simple. (Where did I park the car?) I can’t remember _______________________

11. A. Please don’t tell anyone what I said. B. Don’t worry, I __________

12. Put the verb in the correct form Sue Ellen needed to borrow some money. She tried __________ (ask) Ray, but he was short of money too.

13. Complete using a reflexive pronoun Very young children should not go swimming by ________________

14. combine these sentences into one. Don’t write “This”, its already there.  I can’t drink this coffee. It’s too hot This _______________________________________

15. combine these sentences into one. Use the word in brackets We live on the same street. We hardly ever see each other (despite) _________________________________________

16. We were the only guests at the hotel. ___________________________ 

A. Nobody else had stayed there

B. Nobody else was staying there

C. Nobody else even stayed there

D. Nobody else stayed there

17. I’m busy right now, but I’ll be with you ___ a moment

A. On

B. At

C. In

D. Before

E. By

18. House prices are very high. They’ve _______________ a lot in the last few years

A. Going up

B. Will have gone up

C. Going to go up

D. Will go up

E. Gone up

19. Complete with the correct form of (cost) It ______________ us a fortune at the moment to send our daughter to dance classes.

20. Complete the sentences with appropriate verbs, using the same one for each sentence in the pair. Use the past perfect continuous if it is possible; if not, use the past perfect. Use a  / between the words with no space. example: word1/word1 word2 a He ____________ all the way from New York to see me. b When the plane was diverted, it ______________ from London to Frankfurt.

21. Complete this sentences using ONE of the 6 verb pairs. Use the past simple in one space and the past continuous in the other.  Write the entire sentence, including what is already written. Don’t forget the period at the end. 1.) arrive/get     2.) go/get     3.) meet/work     4.) look/slip     5.) wait/order     6.) ski/break             We ___________ while I _______________in a music shop.

22. This sentences refers to the future. Complete is with either going to or the present continuous, whichever is correct or more likely             I can’t go any further. I _______________ on that bench for a while. (sit)

23. Which of the three answers is wrong or very unlikely. She thinks _________________ living away from home when he goes to University.

A. Dan will enjoy

B. Dan is going to enjoy

C. Dan is enjoying

24. Suggest a single verb that can complete both sentences in the correct form . Use a slash (/) between your answer (no space around the /). example: ran/has run or  will have run/is running.

Unemployment  ________________ every year until 1985 and then started to fall.

The price of houses ________________ dramatically in recent years.

25. Choose the more appropriate alternative                 Later, in Rome, I was to meet Professor Taylor …

A. But he left before I got there.

B. And was very impressed by his knowledge.